Virtual Reality Training

Customize your experience to meet your needs.
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For a complex process, that potentially involves being placed in a dangerous environment in order to gain “in-the-field” experience, we recommend a virtual reality course. Training on a physical process, allows the user to experience life like situations and develop muscle memory. They’ll be equipped to complete any job in the real, often dangerous environment.

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  • Tri-Axle Dump Truck Inspection

  • $ 15K
    starting at
  • Virtual Reality Dump Truck Inspection

    Incorporate better safety standards into your company’s culture.  The VR Pre-Trip Inspection program allows your drivers to perform a visual walk-around of  tri-axle dump truck.  This help to enforce best practices and reinforces what to look for before heading out on the road.

    • Suggested Use:
      New hire training, Re-training for existing drivers
  • Cone Retrieval

  • $ 25K
    starting at
  • VR Training Cone Retrieval

    Immerse your trainees in a VR experience where they are tasked with retrieving cones from a moving traffic control truck while simulated traffic passes by.  Users can select different speeds, the amount of traffic, and challenge themselves to their best time.

    • Suggested Use:
      Job candidate evaluation, New hire training
  • Tabletop Traffic Control Plan

  • $ 40K
    starting at
  • VR Training Tabletop Traffic Control Plan

    Take your work zone training to the next level. This  VR program challenges the user to set up a work zone in a virtual world using a scaled tabletop environment.  Each program is customized to meet your state’s TCP requirements.

    • Suggested Use:
      New hire training, Re-training updated state regulations