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Royal Innovative Solutions develops immersive, 360-degree training through virtual reality headsets, and 3D animation videos, to prevent accidents and improve the performance of workers.

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Truck Mounted Generator


Royal Innovative Solutions has solved the aggravation of truck engine idle in the work zone with the truck mounted generator – yes, DPF problems too! Work trucks of all kinds require electrical power to run lighting and computerized equipment. Truck mounted attenuator (TMA) trucks are especially the case! They have many safety lights, advanced warning arrow boards, radar boards, DVR systems and of course the attenuator, that all operate on electricity! Royal’s truck mounted generator saves you money on fuel consumption and wear-and-tear on the engine!

Truck Mounted Generator


Many highway construction work zones require a TMA truck  to idle for eight hour shifts, which burns between a half gallon and a full gallon of fuel per hour. At a national average price of $2.47 per gallon of diesel (as of 7/03/17), an eight-hour shift would cost approximately between $9 and $15 just in fuel consumption. Over the course of a year, using the truck five times a week, it would cost over $2,000 worth of diesel just from idling! Now imagine work zones that run 24/7! Check out the video below to see how the truck mounted generator works to solve your DPF problems.


– Standard Unit Warranty is 1 year/2,000 hrs
– Low Battery Auto Start Feature
– Diamond Plate Aluminum APU Enclosure
– Electric Start
– Glow Plugs for Cold Weather Starting
– Installation Hardware Included


– 2 Cylinder Diesel Engine, Tier 4 Final, 10.5 hp @ 2400 RPM
– Fuel Consumption (avg.): 0.18 gallons/hour
– Generator: 6000 WATT, 120V AC
– Alternator: 170 AMP 12V DC,
– Dimensions: 22″W x 28½”H x 25″D
– Total System Weight 374 lbs

Truck Mounted Generator Solves DPF Problems

How to Fix DPF Problems?

The Truck Mounted Generator fixes DPF problems by eliminating the need for your truck to idle. The generator runs all your truck’s electrical equipment so you don’t need to keep the engine running. You can’t know when your truck needs a regeneration when it’s idling with an empty cab. Sometimes the need for a regen is discovered after the truck has already derated – a truck owners worst nightmare. It can cost thousands of dollars to tow, repair and replace the DPF. If you need to know more, click here to learn how the DPF works.