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Royal Innovative Solutions develops immersive, 360-degree training through virtual reality headsets, and 3D animation videos, to prevent accidents and improve the performance of workers.

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Truck-Mounted CMS Board


The truck-mounted full matrix changeable message sign (CMS) allows you to customize warning messages in real time on the fly, whether you’re on the road or in the work zone.  Unlike other boards, the CMS gives you the ability to create, change, and display custom messages and graphics from inside the cab using a mounted controller.  The enhanced radar detection system of the CMS allows you to display either the speed of the fastest passing vehicle or the nearest vehicle.  When the CMS is paired with our DVR and camera system, it’s capable of recording and overlaying radar speed on playback to capture valuable documentation of incidents when they happen.


This 36″ x 60″ full matrix CMS mounts directly to TMA or traffic control trucks and serves as an additional safety measure during dangerous operations.  With several pre-programmed messages and graphics plus the ability to quickly generate custom messages via an in-cab controller, a work crew can change the board’s display to meet current operational needs. The sign also integrates directly with radar detection to display the speed of passing traffic in real time.