Wireless Communication System


The power of communication is no longer in your hands. Our wireless headsets are completely hands-free and designed to break through the noise in a variety of environments and industries to give your workers clear two-way communication.


  • Traffic Control & Flagging
  • Disaster Relief & Management
  • Road Construction, Road Surface Marking
  • Search and Rescue Operations
  • Engine Rooms
  • Line Maintenance & Electrical workers
  • Anywhere that's Noisy & Communication is CRITICAL
  • Any Place where DISTANCE Makes Communication Difficult


  • Entirely Hands-Free
  • Powerful Noise Filter
  • Waterproof Mic
  • 12-16 Hours Run Time
  • 1 Hour Charge Time (max. 3hrs if completely discharged)
  • Up 1,650 Yard Total Range
  • No Earmuff Modification
  • Multiple Configurations
  • Group Up to 6 Users
  • On-the-Go Power Connection Capable
  • Compatible with Single-Speaker & Dual-Speaker Headset Combinations
  • 2 Models: Actio PRO & Actio PRO-C* (*includes cell phone connectivity)
  • **Helmet and earmuffs are NOT included


Speak Easy Communication headsets are designed with leading-edge digital, noise-filtering communication technology. Our capability is unlike any other on the market. Our units use an algorithm based on a unique sound-sample that Speak Easy teamed with Vertix™ Global to create.

The way our units block out low frequency “heavy industry” noise makes this technology stand apart from other offerings. It removes the low grumbles, engines, chainsaws and other interference that often makes communication impossible on many work sites. Don’t risk your hearing.