The Numbers You NEED to Know about Virtual Reality Training’s Effectiveness

For many years, on-the-job training has boiled down to reading a lengthy document or watching a video.  With the rise of technology in the last decade though, these traditional training methods have given way to more advanced techniques, namely virtual reality based training.  This new training method has started to be used by several major corporations, such as UPS, as their primary source of training. The question is though, are virtual reality training programs more effective than traditional methods, or just different?


The answer is YES! Virtual reality based training has proven to be a more effective method of training.  Here the numbers you need to know about how effective virtual reality is in training workers:



  • A study done by Dr. Narendra Kini, CEO at Miami Children’s Health System, found that individuals retain up to 80% of information one year after virtual reality training has taken place. To put that into perspective, individuals only retain 20% of information using traditional methods of training after one year. This means that not only will workers learn faster using virtual reality but they also will retain more information in the long term, leading to a safer work environment.


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