New Lighting That Saves Lives – Balloon Lighting

How awful are those bright and overpowering lights you see when entering a work zone at night? When it comes to heavy construction, most work often takes place throughout the night to avoid the dangers of heavy traffic and congestion. According to the Laborers’ Health & Safety Fund of North America, in 2013, about 4,000 highway construction workers were injured on the job. Reports show that about 880 of those injuries occurred between the hours of 4 p.m. and 8 a.m. Thus, a collective goal for all work zones is to improve safety at nighttime. In the past, most construction sites have used the classic light tower which produces harsh shadows and creates a hazardous glare for both workers and the people on the road. The new AIRSTAR balloon light is the solution to these problems.


What you need to know about the new AIRSTAR Balloon Lighting:

Balloon Light Model

Lighting: 360 degrees of working light.

Sound: No sound or emissions.

Lamps: 4 or 6 x 100 W LED.

Average Lamp Life: 50,000 hours.

Efficiency: 125 lm/w.

Maximum Power: 400 or 600 W.

Restrike Time: Instant.

Power Supply: Main Power or Generator.

Envelopes Option: Multiple Colors, Reverse Reflector.



Its Main Goal – Safety

Making the switch to balloon safety lighting is the best choice you could make concerning work zone lighting. Traditional light towers has caused many problems in work zones due to the glare and shadows they produce. This poses safety concerns to both the motorists driving through work zones, and to the workers themselves. With the new AIRSTAR balloon, work zones will be safer for everybody. With its patented material around the lamp which prevents glare and shadow, there will no longer be a fear of entering a work zone at night.

Portable Design

An advantage of the balloon lighting is the portability aspect. The product itself can be placed anywhere along the job site to improve lighting. It can also be attached or mounted to a truck on site and used as a mobile light. This key feature of the balloon light sets it apart from all other lighting options used in a work zone. The setup is simple; remove it from the canister, affix it on a stand, and finally plugging it into a power source. This proves to be much easier than lugging a light tower around a work zone, as most lights need to be moved with a larger truck from one place to another.

Better Lighting Means More Efficient Work Zones

What do you get with improved lighting and awareness on a job site? Efficiency. Since the balloon light produces no shadows or glare, there will be no time wasted with trying to deal with these factors. Workers will be able to see a full 360° around them without trouble. The balloon light also saves time as the portability of the product does not require disassembling and towing a light down the street to another part of the job.

Balloon Lighting:

  • Diffused, glare free, reduced shadow lighting.
  • 360 degrees of working light on the job site.
  • No sound or exhaust emissions.
  • Can be stand-alone units or mounted onto mobile construction equipment such as pavers and all construction trucks to move the light along with the equipment operator.
  • Balloon light kits are available to retrofit traditional light tower lamp fixtures with balloon lights.
  • Designed in multiple sizes which can be easier to store and transport.
  • Requires a separate power source.
  • Patented material able to withstand weather conditions.
  • Easy setup and accessibility.

Traditional Light Towers:

  • Designed to cover large areas with lamps raised up to 30 feet above work site.
  • Directs the light to only specific areas of the job site.
  • Not designed to be mounted on construction equipment – must be continually re-positioned for mobile road construction work.
  • Need be towed down the road to move the light tower.


Balloon LightLamp



Whether it’s nighttime roadway construction or emergency response scenes on highways, Royal Innovative Solutions provides a lighting solution that enables crews to work efficiently in a safe environment. With many sizes and powers available, lighting balloons are the safest mobile lighting solution for all work zone applications.


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