Cameras & DVR/AI Recording Systems

Protect Your Company & Reduce Liability.

Cameras & DVR/AI Recording Systems


Our mobile DVR system captures all activity in and around your crash truck. It can be configured with 4-8 cameras that record with event triggering such as engine start, TMA deployment, vehicle movement, and even g-force impact.

Multiple camera views, including rear-mounted, increase awareness in your work zone and lower the risk of accidents. Fleet tracking allows you to increase company safety and decrease liability.


Establish protection by monitoring your equipment & employees during work zone operations

Avoid liability for costly hit & runs by capturing vehicles, license plates, and drivers on camera in the seconds leading up to and following an impact

Reduce expenses and manpower with forward and rear facing cameras that automatically record lane closure set-ups and tear-downs

Increase worker efficiency and safety recordings that serve as real-life operational/training scenarios


This smart warning system can alert the driver in real-time of dangerous behaviors and upload events to a monitoring platform to be reviewed by a fleet manager to aid them in coaching the drivers to reduce risk.

The advanced dash camera has a built-in AI processor that detects driving events such as lane departure, forward collision, and many driver behaviors including fatigue, distraction, smoking, and phone call usage.


  • Real-Time Safety Information for Fleet Management
  • Real-Time Driver Warnings
  • Trigger-Based Event Recording
  • Added Protection for Drivers and Assets
  • Flexible Integration into MDVR or Dashcam Systems
  • Reliable Chain of Evidence


  • Built-in AI event detection with ADAS and DSM capabilities
  • Supports up to 3 channels of video recording
  • Harsh driving detection with 6-axis G sensor (harsh acceleration, deceleration, sharp turn)
  • Real-time in-cab feedback
  • Dual SD card storage with dual stream recording (HD and SD recording)
  • Built-in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi & LTE modules
  • Supports live streaming, video playback and event upload