ConnectedTech Flagging Baton

ConnectedTech Flagging Baton™

The ConnectedTech Flagging Baton helps reduce the risk or an injury or fatality by providing visibility of utility workers, flaggers, and crossing guards to approaching drivers.  This portable and powerful device easily attaches to any standard stop paddle to make it a smart safety beacon.


With the flip of a switch, the ConnectedTech Flagging Baton becomes a smart device that can broadcast GPS location of the baton/worker, notifying travelers if the lane is stopped or to proceed slowly ahead.


-Connects with major navigation services, including Waze and Google Maps, and available for in-dash systems

-Transmits flagging hold times every 10 minutes and re-transmits location and status if it moves more than 500ft

-Detects when a paddle is laid down or travels in a vehicle (only when in “On” position)

-Start/Stop cycles are recorded and can be used for reporting as a timekeeping tool


-Weight: .56 lbs

-Dimensions: 10.5” cylinder X 1.5” diameter

-Temperature Range: -20C to +85C

-Power: Micro-USB charger for 12 VDC or 110 VAC