ConnectedTech iPin

ConnectedTech iPin™

The ConnectedTech iPin gives additional visibility any place where you have cones.  This portable device can be placed inside any traffic cone to designate the start and end points of a work zone or for any places where you want to communicate your activity to approaching motorists.


When activated, the ConnectedTech iPin acts as a beacon to provide real time geolocational data to common navigation apps.  Giving advanced warning to drivers of an active work zone along their travel route allows them to be more prepared and stay alert, significantly reducing the chances of an incident and keeping your workers safe.


-Connects with major navigation services, including Waze and Google Maps

-With activation enabled, the system tracks location data as it happens

-Solar-powered with a battery life exceeding 100 hours (based on conditions)

-Small enough to attach to a traffic cone (simply drop the pin inside)


-Weight: 1.0 lbs

-Dimensions: 26” length X 1.5” diameter

-Material: Polycarbonate (PET-G)