ConnectedTech Hazard Light Kit

ConnectedTech Hazard Light Kit™

The ConnectedTech Hazard Light Kit provides additional visibility for your workers when vehicle bright flashing lights are simply not enough to keep drivers alerted to emergency activity and road hazards.  This kit integrates with existing hazard/flashing lights as mounted on most roadside service, first responder, and utility vehicles in your fleet.


The ConnectedTech Hazard Light Kit becomes a safety beacon to provide advanced warning to approaching motorists when crews are active and on-scene nearby, thereby reducing the risk to workers including police, fire, EMS, and tow truck drivers.


-Connects with major navigation services, including Waze and Google Maps

-Integrates with hazard lights and other peripherals (arrow boards, attenuators, booms, etc.) on the existing trucks in your fleet

-Transmits GPS location to drivers (allowing them to seek out alternate routes if possible)

-GPS location is automatically re-transmitted if vehicle moves more than 500ft


-Weight: .62 lbs

-Dimensions: 6” x 4” x 2”

-Temperature Range: -20C to +85C

-Power: Wires to 12 VDC power and lasher