Are you a Leader or a Follower in Construction Technology?

The construction industry is constantly changing, but in most ways it is for the good. The biggest ongoing change in the industry is the ever-developing technology that is spurring growth in the construction technology market and giving a glimpse at the future of construction. According to a survey done by KPMG in 2017, 72% of the engineering and construction executives said technology innovation was part of their company’s vision, yet only 5% of them considered themselves leaders in industry technology.

Let’s talk about some of the facts and trends in construction technology like DVR dash and truck cameras, wearable technology and other equipment that promote safety, efficiency and productivity so that you can be at the forefront of technology in your industry.

VR dash truck cameras are becoming increasingly popular, especially when being mounted in trucks in work zones. DVR cameras allow for workers and their surroundings to be monitored in case of an accident, whether it be the worker’s fault or someone unrelated to the operation. These types of cameras can be mounted anywhere on a construction vehicle, including inside the cab and as a backup camera, to provide your company with safety and liability protection.

Many DVR camera systems are equipped with multiple camera views and a monitoring screen inside the cab, so the driver can have full view of the operation and their surroundings. This is one of the most simple technological advances in construction, but can also save money in terms of liability and increase the safety of the work zone in general.

Another technology solution that is driving the safety of work zones is wearable and hands-free technology. Hands-free communication is one of the major drivers of worker productivity and efficiency and there are stats to prove it. The Project Management Institute asserts that “one out of every five projects is unsuccessful due to ineffective communications.” If you are not effectively communicating, whether it be in a highway work zone, forestry operation or any other job site, you are significantly increasing the likelihood your project fails.

Even if your projects don’t fail, there are always more ways to make a more productive and cost efficient job site. One of the newest developments in construction technology are truck mounted generators, which drastically decrease fuel costs and wear and tear on equipment. Royal’s patent-pending truck mounted generator keeps the job moving, without having to drain the battery or keep the engine running of the truck that the equipment is attached to.

Having a truck mounted generator can save your company over $2,000 per year, per truck, in fuel costs and prevent idling mileage on the engine. These generators are the most helpful in situations where lots of safety lights and/or signage needs to be running, like in highway work zones, but can really be utilized in any situation where a stationary truck needs to run for the duration of a job.

Radar and message boards are a great example of both something that the truck mounted generator can be used for and project that Royal Innovative Solutions has worked to perfect. The Royal Radar Board is equipped with a plethora of safety features for your crew. Its on-board GPS determines truck speed, allowing driver feedback for approaching vehicles behind the truck. Its unique electronic design withstands truck and road vibration, as well as contaminants and other harsh road chemicals. The matrix message system is fully programmable including dynamic messages with alpha and numeric graphics making it fully customizable for work zone messages.

As you can see this is just a drop in the bucket when it comes to construction technology, but these along with many other innovations are making the construction industry safe and more efficient every day. For more information and live demos check out the Royal Innovative Solutions YouTube page or contact us directly.

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