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Royal Innovative Solutions develops immersive, 360-degree training through virtual reality headsets, and 3D animation videos, to prevent accidents and improve the performance of workers.

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Royal Innovative Solutions was founded by Rob Roy in 2018 as a sister company to Royal Truck & Equipment, the nation’s leading manufacturer of attenuator trucks. Throughout his travels, Rob and his wife Pam noticed a significant learning gap in the highway construction industry. Workers were often unprepared for the dangers of work zones.

Royal Innovative Solutions was created to provide the industry with the latest training solutions: virtual reality and 3D animation-based training experiences. While this was the initial intention, Royal Innovative Solutions now also provides all essential safety products for your work zone. Currently, the company is seeking to provide innovative products designed to enhance work zone safety as well as to improve operational efficiency and success.

Intelligent Transportation System

Connected Work Zones

Alert drivers via their navigation systems and mobile devices about the presence of your work zone using a smart arrow board!
Truck Mounted Generator

Truck Mounted Generator

Royal Truck & Equipment has solved the aggravation of truck engine idle in the work zone with the truck mounted generator – yes, DPF problems too!
Speak Easy Headset

Speak Easy Headsets

Work zones are loud places! Communication between workers is crucial for a couple reasons, the first being safety.
Halo Hard Hat Light

Halo Personal Safety Light

Unlike any other hard hat light, the Halo is a personal safety system designed to increase all aspects of visibility in the work zone.
Balloon Light

Airstar Balloon Light

The Balloon Light is the safety lighting solution for all work zones. The lighting balloon creates zero glare, illuminates 360° & self-inflates in seconds!


Virtual reality training and 3D video allow workers to be shown and assessed without the need to borrow equipment from production. This allows new operators to practice many skills before being placed into a dangerous work zone or a production circuit. Because operators are consistently seeing, physically practicing and being evaluated on proper operator techniques, they have better understanding and awareness of their environment. Royal Innovative Solutions’ goal is to improve the effectiveness of human performance training by using the latest technology to increase safety on the job.

Royal Virtual Reality Training



Our team of amazing designers create 3D models of your real-world work zones, products, and processes, presenting media-rich training content tailored specifically to your workplace.


We work with you to develop a script and help ensure that the training meets our high standards for visual accuracy and educational impact.


The narrative is told to the user as they see and experience a myriad of different things; one such example is this U.K. work zone sign placement training.

Custom Levels to Meet Your Needs


Virtual Reality and 3D Animation Videos are one of the most effective visual communication tools for training. It allows us to show components, processes, and procedures in great detail and simulate dangerous scenarios much more realistically than typical video, and Presentation-based training courses. So, forget death by PowerPoint forever!

"I have created 3D Animations of all my flagging operations. I immediately saw the benefits from a safety standpoint, and a recruiting tool."


"I am blown away by the potential of this training opportunity. This will bring safety in this field to a new level."


"Wow! The virtual reality is a real game changer. This will revolutionize training in this industry."